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Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Telkom Professional Development Center (Telkom PDC)

Telkom Professional Development Center (Telkom PDC) is established as the realization of the dedication of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia towards education, and through the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT), it actively contributes to the ongoing efforts in the betterment of the living standards and competitiveness of the Indonesian people.
Among the programs of the YPT Group is the developing and holding of high-caliber programs for education and training, where such programs are tailor-made and constantly enhanced to meet the immediate needs of their clients in facing the growing demands for apt professionals with internationally-recognized real skills set.

Telkom PDC - the globalization and liberalization of the job market demands that the Indonesian workforce hold good interpersonal, communication and professional skills as well as ethics. Therefore, the efforts to increase the nation's competitiveness should not be solely dependent of formal and academic paths, but should be accompanied by effective vocational programs that in reality have successfully provide the training to obtain the present and future needs of the professional world. cis-cus. Fields such as Information & Communication Technology and Management are dramatically developing and will constantly experience dynamics and new developments. It is this fact that proves the need to continuously update and obtain international recognition/certification. Telkom PDC attempts to rise to the challenge by offering several training programs, which are trainings and certifications in ICT, management and languages.

Now Telkom PDC is opening positions for:
Business Process Analyst
General Qualifications:
·         Having a holistic view of conceptual thinking and a clear action plan against assignment given
·         The mindset of a structured
·         User centric (to understand the perception of the user)
·         Can provide a balanced solution between business interests and ease of user
·         Have good communication skills
·         Having a high determination to achieve the best results.

General Qualifications:
·         Mastering algorithms and logic programming algorithm
·         Understand the concept of OOP and MVC, theory and practical implementation
·         Understand the concept of relational databases
·         Have a high spirit of exploration
·         Familiar with Visual Studio as the Developer tools
·         Familiar with C # Syntax. Net, (collection, generic, looping, variable declaration, classes, inheritance)
·         Familiar with ASP.NET, AJAX, and Javascript skills
·         Familiar with SQL queries and objects such as stored procedures, views, function.
Interested applicants please send your application and resume not later than two weeks after this advertisements to:
Rc. Veteran No. 29 Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan

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