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Senin, 24 Oktober 2011


PT. PERTAMINA (Persero) is a State owned enterprises (SOEs), which moves in the field of energy. Specifically processing business operates 6 (six) units of refineries scattered across Indonesia. namely: Refinery unit II Dumai-Riau, Refinery units Plaju III-South Sumatra, Central Java Cilacap Refinery, Refinery Unit V-East Kalimantan Balikpapan, refinery unit in West Java Balongan VI, VII Refinery units Sorong in West Papua.
Currently the overall refinery units need potential young workers. For that let's join and develop your potential by following the selection of new employees receipt of Operators and Technicians in the PT. Pertamina (Persero) Processing Directorate through the program:
I.  General Requirements:
• According to nature of the work in priority to men.
• Age maximum 24 years in 2011.
• Education end of the D3.
• Major: Chemical Engineering, Chemical Analysis, Chemical Industry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering strong currents (Electrical), Electrical Engineering Flow Weak (Instruments), Environmental Engineering.
• GPA of at least 2.75
• Accreditation of majors in priority A
• TOEFL score 400
• Willing to be placed in all work areas of Pertamina
II.  Especially for applicants graduate diploma in Chemical Engineering III in addition to the website of PT. Pertamina (Persero) can follow the college shopping to be held on:
• UNDIP UNS Semarang and Surakarta: 21-22 October 2011
• UGM  Yogya  and Institutions: 24-25 October 2011
For those interested to bring a complete cover letter
III.  For applicants in addition to the Diploma in Chemical Engineering majors can directly register online through the website of PT. Pertamina (Persero)
More information about location selection, requirements, registration and other information please access the website Pertamina with address and click the menu career or / recruit

PT. Pertamina only the best applicants invited to attend the selection. The decision to call the applicant and determining the outcome of selection is the right of the PT. Pertamina (Persero), and can not be contested. In the selection process, PT. Pertamina (Persero) does not serve the correspondence and do not charge any fees. (Be careful of fraud)

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